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Ben Platt is Your Best Musical Cure for COVID-19 and Everything In Between.

Why Ben Platt''s Album 'Sing to Me Instead' is The Best Cure For Everything (Including COVID-19).

Bad Habit ‘Because we all need some chemical assistance right now’

’Ease my mind ‘Well, you know... the voices come at night’

Temporary Love "Since everyone is looking for a 'rock' right now"

Grow as we go ‘It’s the perfect love song, period’

Honest Man ‘Because you’re finally ready to date the ‘good one.’

Hurt me once ‘For when you didn’t take the offer from song 5’

New ‘Once you finally end the quarantine’

Better ‘Because we all are ‘reconnecting’ with old flames’

Share your address ‘Cuz stalking is a thing during COVID-19’

In case you don’t live forever ‘For when you call mom or dad to check on them because shit got real’

Older ‘Because we are all going to become much more mature after this’

Run Away ‘In the end we all are looking for a happy ending’


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