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I open my eyes and it is daylight; it takes a few seconds to register my surroundings only to realize that I do not know where I am.

‘I was walking... then I hit,’ I am trying to remember his face but all I can see is the rain drops reflecting on the light and the man's shadow in front of it. My head begins to hurt so I choose to return to the present. It takes a second to adjust from the dim light in the nighttime of my dream to the bright daylight of the morning.

I begin to scope the entire room in search for clues, I can spot my trunks over by a leather chair but not the rest of the clothes. I realize I am naked in the bed, and without much surprise I come to accept I achieved what I came looking for last night.

‘Did I…?’ a small adjustment on the bed provides the answer, 'bottomed’ is the resounding answer.

The place is exquisitely decorated in a minimalist manner, with white-pearly walls appearing to have an application that makes them look like tapestry, the whole room is decorated in wood accents with a sturdy headboard above the bed complete with leather padding and copper studs to add character. Over to the right, I can see what it appears to be a hall to the bathroom and a small round table with two chairs, there is a beautiful white orchid seating on top. I realize that in addition to the pop of color provided by the wood and the leather, there is a bright green screen encasing the entire front of the room and going to the side on the left, it is coming from the windows. I now know I am in the mountains, which adds to my perplexity and desire to reconnect my steps up to this point.

I decide to stand and look around for more clues, my feet touch the floor, and I am pleasantly surprised with the fact it is warm.

‘It must be headed,’ I muster quietly in my head, a luxury I always wish I had.

I make my way to the chair and put on my underwear. Taken by the view, I cannot help but to watch to the edge of the room and absorb the sights, the trees encase the entire room as if the space is suspended at the top among them. There is little I can see besides the brush of the trees, no sight of the ground or even most of their trunks, it is beautiful. This must be what it feels to be a bird, nestled in the forest. I begin to daydream about myself being a bird... then a small cling breaks the perfect silence in the room and brings me back to the ground.

The sound reminds me of porcelain touching, and I am now determined to find out where I am. I make my way outside the room only to find a long hallway that overlooks the lower floor, there are stairs suspended in the air on the right, the ceilings are cathedral with wood beans holding them, they provide a necessary accent to the otherwise white minimalist interior again. Downstairs, the room continues the design lines of the bedroom with exquisite furniture that floats in the center of the space as there are no walls or separation, the accents of rugs add some softness to the otherwise sharp edges in the materials of the design.

The entire room is also encased in windows, different large panels separated by metal frames that surface above the glass making it look like a mix between a giant screen and a work of art. The view is breathtaking, as I realize I must be on the ledge of the mountain by the height that soars above the rocks, stretching over the cliffs that drip down to the crashing waves of the ocean below, the view is expansive and the most impressive thing I have ever seen. Taken back by its beauty, I let out a small gasp while finding footing in the railing towards the stairs.

It is so quiet inside the house, and the views make it look so private. As if it is the only place in the entire mountain. I begin the trek down and realize that the stairs are suspended in the air by cables, they are made from a mix of smoked glass and wooden accents, the entire surface lights below the smoked glass and around the steps, it is a unique feature that makes for an unforgettable entrance into what will be the most significant meeting of my life.

Once downstairs, I realize the kitchen is below where the bedrooms and hallways were. To the left, a courtyard and garden appear to be hidden under a passage, and to the right a dining room. The kitchen holds accents of stainless steel, and an enormous wooden island top that must be at least 10 inches deep, there are beautiful carvings on its surface. It is another complementing touch to what I have now named ‘paradise in the sky.’

At the end of the kitchen next to a large gas burning stove, I finally find what I have been looking for. He is at least 6’ 2’ with olive skin and dark short hair, I stare helplessly at the ridge that begins on his neck all the way down to the dimples on his lower back. As he turns towards me, I meet his eyes which are a mix between aqua and green, his jaw is square and pronounced, his body is ripped with a small cover of body hair.

I center on his hands which now hold a cup with steaming liquid inside, and realize that despite having spent the night there, it is the first look I have of what he looks like. As he turns towards me, a fast look of surprise shows in his eyes, he did not realize I have been staring at him for a while. I have been known to have very quiet steps.

‘I did not mean to wake you, I was just making coffee, would you like some?' His voice is deep and low with a certain melodic tone that makes me think of what an announcer or radio personality may sound like.

It takes a few seconds for me to muster an answer, ‘coffee is great, thank you’ I say trying to appear cool and polite, as if I knew him or where I am.

He sets the cup on the island and turns his body to pour the second cup, this time my eyes center on the edge of his haircut which is precise, I make my way to his shoulders and cannot help to stare for a second at his arms before he turns again.

'Here you go' he says as he reaches a cup towards me. I hesitate for a second, a flash thought runs through my head about never taking drinks from strangers, but given my current record, I realize I have already failed miserably at every scenario taught in my childhood concerning that. Plus, he does not feel strange to me, and I know we have already been more intimate that I have with most.

I take the cup and have a small sip, the coffee is black, there is a slight scent of cantaloupe and rose oil in the nose, but the roast is dark and pronounced.

'I took the liberty to dry your clothes, there should be ready now' he says as he makes his way into a hallway.

I realize he is wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and the sight below the waist is even more impressive than his back, his legs are toned, he is built like a tree and his caramel and olive skin can attest to that. As he disappears into the next room, I can't help but to congratulate myself for doing so well last night, even when I cannot remember the least of it.

He returns with my clothes neatly folded and places them in front of me, next to my cup. I register a scent of jasmine and warm vanilla coming from the clothes, which are now warmer and softer that they ever were. I take my pants and then my Henley leaving the jacket untouched. By the time I finish dressing, I catch him looking at me with a mischievous smile and slight look of disappointment.

‘I was enjoying having you in nothing but your trunks.’ I can’t help but to blush which makes my ginger complexion even more apparent, I also realize it is the first flirtatious comment he has made about me, and I’ve been almost naked for a while.

‘Come and sit with me’ he says as he waves me into the living room. I carry my cup of coffee and make my way into the couch, the raw silk is soft, organic, and the pattern of the upholstery is unique, quiet, and elegant with a touch of raw materials.

I can see the front of his chest, his abs, one of his shins as he crosses his leg under him, his shorts are made of what appear to be silk, and they cling to his body discovering every surface. I try to be discrete, but he can tell I am gazing in awe and lust. I remind myself that I am lost, as I haven’t figure out where I am or how I got there. I return to the room from my mind, and he is now gazing at the ocean and the waves crashing below through the glass.

‘It is amazing, I have never seen anything like it’ I say trying not to break my voice or the perfect silence of the house.

‘It is special’ he quietly says in an almost melancholic voice. His eyes are now focus directly on me, and his look is strong, strong enough I cannot help but to lower mine, I look up again and can see his slight smile, he is obviously pleased and interested.

‘I took a chance bringing you here.. I didn’t know if you had any plans, I assumed since it is Sunday, my chances of you being free were high. I can drive you into the city if there is somewhere you need to be, but I kind of hoped you were interested to spend the day.’ The way he speaks to me is like he knew me for a while, and the feeling I have with him even when I do not even know his name is reminiscent as well.

I take a chance, ’sounds great, I do not have to come back’ I leave the window open about the timeframe: today, tomorrow, never. Being that it feels like I am in paradise, all scenarios sound plausible and appealing.

His slight smile turns to a full grin as he boasts in a louder voice, ‘Well, that settles that.’ He leans towards me, his body and face are now remarkably close to mine, I can feel his weight beginning to press against me.

Holding himself up with his arms, he looks directly into my eyes and says, ‘I’ve been expecting you.’

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