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Life Is Just A Dream

It is hard to explain the paralyzing feeling of anxiety. It starts in the chest, a chokehold that slowly expands tension across the body. It removes concentration, it paralyzes action, and without notice hijacks an existence.

Where does it come from is not important, the real question is how to deal with it? It cannot be cured but only managed. At one point it had a purpose, today is just an echo of another time. How sweet life would be without it? the warmth, the thoughts, each breath anew and without reservation. Passion with fury, and gusto for life.

Nothing lasts forever, it is not supposed to, so best to not look for a panacea but for a new beginning, an alternative to the restlessness of the mind. An escape from the illusion of reality and into the actual dream that is called life. When will it come? The question does not preclude the arrival, as it is already here.

Today is the beginning of a new day, everyday is the beginning of a new chapter. Live every single day of them with gratitude, openness. Life is an illusion, a story, best to rewrite it over and over, to get lost in the process.

The heart clamors for adventure, and types every word in search for clues. Yet, questions, questions, and more questions. Less questions and more actions. Today, make the time and let life be grandiose in the most mundane sort of way.


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