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There is Only One: Opus One

Opus One is the creation of two juggernauts of the industry, Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Their winery seeks to bring together the best of Bordeaux French tradition with the unparalleled quality and vibrancy of Napa's best grapes from Oakville. The result is a wine with structure and great potential to be aged for long periods, just as its inspiration in Bordeaux is known.

Opus One seeks to deliver every vintage with a unique offering that will delight the palate and make for a great wine down the road. Each vintage is unique; thus, the value and popularity of their wines vary year to year. If there is one constant, however, is that their wines are often consumed far too young, as the label is a victim of its success.

The entire label relies on the prestige of both its winemaker families pedigree, as well as on a carefully structured marketing campaign that centers around great wine but relies on exclusivity and luxury. Visiting the winery, it is palpable that the consumer of Opus One is discerning and prefers exclusive offerings that the winery's price point accommodates.

The property, like the wine, is classic and well crafted yet understated. The true mark of high-end design is not to flaunt but to carefully reveal its vision in layers and details that will likely be missed by the average eye. The winery does not seek to impose its presence over the valley. However, it is located right in the center of the vineyard, with a circular design that blends well with its environment, but that reminds visitors that there is only one, and that is Opus One.


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