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Elegance Without Pretention: Jordan

Tucked away at the top end of the valley, Jordan wineries sit in a privileged and extensive property overlooking the hills of Alexander Valley. The winery was founded in 1972 and to this day, remains family-owned and operated. Focused on delivering unparalleled hospitality and a nonpretentious approach to wine, the winery focuses on Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon production without second labels or tiers. A Sparkling Cuvee made in the traditional Champagne method is also offered in more limited quantities. The winery also produces olive oil and honey for a small segment of its consumers.

Its beautiful Chateau houses the entire production facility with its massive 58,000 sq ft floor plant. The property was designed to resemble the traditional features found in French winemaking regions. While the majority of the rooms are filled with production and wine barrel housing facilities, the front of the state looks like a privileged residence that would rival any estate in France. In Bordeaux tradition, a rendering of the property is featured in every label of their wines.

Sustainable and responsible practices are palpable through the property, a large section of which is left untouched as a natural reserve. A donkey and honey farm is used to control coyote's in the area and produce some of the culinary offerings for the property. The winery also focuses on responsible labor practices and provides a high standard in an industry where not everyone gets a fair share at times.

Those who visit the property can expect to immerse themselves in a carefully curated experience. The tour of the facility includes secret passages to hidden rooms. It is sure to delight anyone with its imaginative presentation as well as the creativity in its cuisine. The winery is also open for more elaborate experiences as well as catered opportunities for special events.

While the winery and Sonoma have experienced challenges the past few years due to the wildfires in the area. It has neither deterred nor hindered the commitment to deliver a high-quality experience and product for anyone who enjoys their wine one that is filled with heartfelt hospitality. The future of the winery is bright, as it relies on a solid foundation and has a clear and well-executed vision.


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