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Conchita's Transition: Regaining selfhood, Truth Over Magnitude (T.O.M.) review.

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Conchita's return in 2019 with the release of T.O.M. is a triumphant celebration of individuality over social construct and a message of empowerment over oppression.

The sound and lyrics reflect the emotional state of the artist, as Conchita goes through a difficult journey of reconciliation and empowerment to birth a new chapter in her career. Few artists experience the whirlwind of events that becoming an Eurovision contest winner creates, and fewer still go through it in a trailblazing trajectory that defies the status quo. It is in the midst of such journey that remembering the difference between the person and the persona, while maintaining a level of privacy for the first one can become extremely challenging.

The truth sets Conchita free to experience the journey and to reckon with the events that lead to the meteoric rise to fame experienced. The first track release 'Hit me' is an anthem of independence, regaining control over an oppressor that threaten to take the dignity of Conchita's experience in the public eye, and in the process shame anyone who is HIV positive with the stigma of their condition. The visuals reflect the evolving image of the persona, while allowing a closer insight into the person that creates the character. Conchita conquers in the end and offers an empowering message for anyone that's been abused or coerced. 'Trash all the glam' reflects the hangover of such incredibly visual journey for an individual that is at the core, a sensitive artist sharing a gift. 'To the beat' invites everyone to find their own rhythm, or best yet to remember it, as we are all born with a unique sound. Conchita's request to be seen in 'see me now' invites the listener to see the person over the persona, and reminds everyone that the two are interchangeable as they are connected and inspired by each other.

'Forward' invites the audience into the future, reminding the listener that strength is not scarce in Conchita's world. While the sound and visuals of the album may not be for everyone, the artist is ready to lean in both visually, musically, and personally into a new chapter, and in the process invite everyone to lean forward as well into their own.


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