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Mother's Love

Mother’s Love

This poem is inspired by “The Gift” from Li Young Lee

And dedicated to my mother.

To know how to love so tenderly, remaining strong even in sacrifice. That is a mother’s love.

My mother’s love begins

With her gentle touch over my hair

Her hazel eyes next my forehead

The smell of Chanel from her wrist on my nose

Vanilla, that is how I remember her in taste

In banana milkshakes or custards

That is my mother’s love

I remember the squawks of the ducklings

The brown corrugation of the cardboard

The warmth of their soft coat on my hands

That is my mother’s love

When at my worst, I hear her screams held with anguish

I see her body quivering with disappointment

And I picture her hazel eyes, full of mother’s love

I thank her, for giving me the gift

To learn how to love

Now, my hazel eyes look at someone’s forehead

And they too know, unconditional love.


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