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Like a Bird

Updated: May 22, 2021

Like a bird

I cut my wings

Seeking the safety of the ground

I was wrong

When the wolves came

I had no wings to defend me

The journey long

The stones sharp, unforgiving

Had to learn to walk instead of flying

To live instead of thriving

I was ashamed

One day, the stumps of new feathers

Itching under my flesh

Thought of cutting them

Their growth painful, slow

I didn’t

Exhausted from the ground

Which didn’t prove any less painful than the sky

At least there I fly

Fulfilling my songbird purpose

From above there is no shame

Reaching a cliff

The journey steep and full of peril

My wings strong and my face brawn

I let go

Flapping naturally

Because birds fly

Among the sky

The ground is full of wonder

Wolves being wolves

The river stream thriving with life

Refreshing, enticing

But now, I am bird

And birds are meant to fly


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