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Welcome Friends: Maxine's on Shine Bruch Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Wouldn't it be nice to walk to brunch within your residential neighborhood?

That's exactly what Thornton Park residents can do when they visit Maxine's located on Shine Av.

Nestled in a quiet street in comparison to the main transportation arteries within the neighborhood. The location feels less like a commercial venue, and more like someone's house converted into a watering spot for neighborhood friends to hang out on a Sunday morning. The decor is eclectic, with the walls showcasing sketch portraits available for sale among memorabilia from the owner and creator of the restaurant.

The ambience at Maxine's is lively, especially during Sunday brunch. The venue offers some live entertainment, although the collective sounds of the patrons seem to drown any possibility for an intimate moment between performer and audience. Still, that's exactly the reason why people go to Maxine's on Sunday, to socialize.

The food is good, once again with a slight touch of something created for friends or for yourself on a Sunday morning, and not something made to be for sale at a restaurant. The venue is small, but the staff manages to serve a packed 'house' of patrons and offer a good experience despite the volume.

This location shines on its drink offerings, with quirky presentation like goblets made of large or medium mason jars. There are no unlimited offerings of mimosas or Bloody Mary's like some other brunch spots in town, but most visitors are unlikely to need more than a couple of the restaurant's drink servings, especially if ordered in its larger iterations.

Go enjoy some time with friends, and feel right at home in Maxine's your neighborhood restaurant.


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