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Rendez-Vous In Paris

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

At first, teasing while hiding between the clouds, Paris wept upon our first rendezvous. Perhaps it knew I know her secret and unable to hide anymore; breaks down in an attempt to at least show vulnerability.

It is hard to describe Paris to anyone that hasn’t been there and yet is everything anyone can ever imagine. Swallowed in its larger than life persona, Paris is both landmarks and tourist traps as much as it is the central metropolis of a country or the guardian to some of history’s most prestigious vestiges and influential industries.

Selection is free: atelier or prêt-à-porter, Macdonald’s at Champs Elysse or La Tour D’Argent, Edith Piaf, or Ariana Grande's ‘Boyfriend’ which just happened to drop worldwide. It may be just right timing, but with its intro sounding accordions showcases the biggest sham Paris has tried to conceal for a very long time. That is, in a country known for its proud, sometimes referred to as xenophobic nationalist identity. The battle in Paris, at least its tourist attractions, has long been lost.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances and delays that involved airport personnel and the police in what would make a good dinner table story. I have less than 36 hours to discover a city that would take years to truly get to know and appreciate, so best not to make many assumptions until our next rendezvous. No matter what, it is fun to be a tourist in the most common definition of the word, at one of the most tourists visited locales on the planet, and to enjoy a day in the city of lights


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