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Park City Mountain Resort: Champagne Powder and World Class Service

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

The images evoked when mentioning Park City are likely those from the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. However, the resort and ski area have a long history, dating as far back as 1930 where the town's mining boom brought an explosion of the population as well as affluent resources to the area. Brought to a complete halt by the exhaustion of Silver from the mines where the resort will later be erected, the original resort named 'Treasure Mountain' was constructed in 1963 with federal funds aimed to bring a new economic engine to the region after it became a ghost town during the mining collapse. The original resort hosted some interesting features, including a ride through the mines in a 'skier's subway' to reach an elevator that connected the ski area to the town more than 1700 feet from the surface.

The plan worked and while 100s of miles of mining tunnels still lay under the current footprint of the resort, Park City will forever change its destiny from a mining town to a world-class ski destination. The mining heritage within the resort is still alive with the majority of the lifts and runs named after mining terms, and the facilities and motives designed to honor the resort's land past as a mining location. Later developments in Deer Valley and Park City West now named The Canyons cemented the destination as a skiers paradise and offer a wide array of terrain. The developments ultimately will culminate in the facilities that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics Games.

In 1978 and perhaps bolstered by the success of the ski revolution, a film festival will bring even more attention to the destination and create one of the most prestigious and visited festivals in the country. Today, it is known as Sundance Film Festival. The original plan was not only to create a marquee event where filmmakers and studios could preview and purchase films but to promote Utah as a destination for the production of media content.

The presence of both ski facilities which are generally attributed to an affluent environment and the panache of the movie's elite descending at the beginning of each year have spurred a flurry of lodging facilities and eateries particularly along the town's main street that is sure to satisfy any expectations from visitors travelling to the destination for skiing purposes.

The next revolution of the resort will occur in 2014 when Vail Resorts acquired both Park City Mountain and The Canyons merging them with the construction of the quicksilver gondola and creating the largest ski resort in the country. Major renovations and expansions have occurred since its juggernaut operator took over the properties and to this day, new offerings and improvements continue to expand on the terrain and facilities of the resort, making it even more appealing than most of its counterparts in the rookies.

Park City offers a wide array of facilities and terrain with multiple ski operators besides Vail Resorts. The area is privileged by boasting some of the largest amounts of snow concentration in the region. The snow that is often nicknamed 'The Best Snow on Earth' or Champagne Powder because of the lower water density than its Colorado counterparts is abundant and truly of the highest quality.

Anyone that visits Park City, and the Park City Mountain and Canyons Resort can expect world-class facilities, incredible vistas, and a variety of terrain that is sure to satisfy any level of skiing that is desired. While competition is stiff, and many other destinations claim to have a hold of the ski market. What makes Park City special is its approachability. Often tainted by a reputation of being a sport favored by the rich and snobby, skiing in Park City is fun, and while the cost is indeed prohibitive, it is nowhere near some of its counterparts which boast lesser quality and facilities than the destination's resorts.

The future of Park City continues to be bright as new bids have been introduced to host the Olympic Games once again in 2030, as well as the expansion of the Salt Lake City International Airport, which is sure to create even more accessibility to the area. Park City is a short 30-minute ride away from the airport. For the perfect mixture of upscale service, and relaxed attitude, head over to Park City and take a 'champagne' sip of 'The Best Snow on Earth.'


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