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New York From The Sky: Mission Impossible Style. FlyNYON Doors Off Helicopter Review

Pro Tip: If traveling from Manhattan, make sure to book their transportation shuttle. The cost is minimal compared to the value and convenience you will get accessing their terminal.

In a city where skyscrapers are the norm, vertical feet are as important as the number of steps you can take. Climbing to the top of Freedom tower or any of New York's landmark buildings is the ubiquitous rite of passage for anyone visiting the city. What if it were possible to take the experience of being above the ground to the next level? Helicopter rides are not new in New York City, and while cost prohibitive to the majority of the population. They always offered a more encompassing alternative for anyone to view the city from a different perspective.

FlyNYON has taken the experience and revolutionize it. Bringing thrills, high-end photography, and a one of a kind experience to anyone seeking to take a bite of the big of apple. The company's doors-off helicopter rides offer passengers an unparalleled experience. Whether seeking unobstructed views to take scenic photography, or just want to enjoy the thrill of dangling body parts on the outside of the craft, the company has created a unique experience.

The experience begins at the terminal, where the company makes a thorough effort to convey safety as their first priority. With a well-established operation, passengers are welcomed and instructed on the basics. They are also given the proper gear which will allow for their bodies to be properly secured in a doors-off helicopter for the duration of their flight.

FlyNYON offers two lengths of travel with one lasting under 20 minutes, and the second above 30. The latter covering the inside of Manhattan's most iconic landmarks, including Central Park, and the Empire State Building. It is not difficult to see why the second package (although more expensive) offers the most comprehensive experience. Given the investment in time and money no matter the length, it makes for a compelling argument to splurge for the extra time.

While the ride may be different for every passenger with too many variables to account for. It is safe to say that albeit costly, taking a doors-off helicopter ride in the big apple is a no brainer for anyone who can afford the time and expense for it.


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