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Jiko: Flavors of South Africa

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Have you ever wanted to feel the breeze from the mountains of Cape Town, watching seagulls fly in formation across the sea? Many aspire to travel to far away and exotic locales, but getting there is a lot more complicated than to imagine oneself there. Disney has always been a master storyteller, and in its theme parks and resorts it aims at transporting visitors out of reality and into a whole new world.

While some of its themes gear towards fantasy, based on their vast array of characters from movies and exploits, later iterations find footing more in the cultural diversity of the world. It is there where Disney shines and offers the opportunity to visit faraway places from the convenience and familiarity of their ecosystem.

Jiko is a beautiful restaurant, exquisitely themed, and with careful detail to the traditions and landmarks of its inspiration: South Africa. Located inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the restaurant classification is of a fine dining location under the company's tier system. Its ranking creates the opportunity to offer an experience that is both refined and culturally enriched to the guests it welcomes.

From the podium staff complete with cultural representatives from Africa to its diverse and carefully selected beverage lists featuring a wide variety of beers, wines, and spirits from Africa. Jiko offers a culinary experience that is designed both to delight and immerses its guests into a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan environment within Walt Disney World property.

The cuisine will be seasonal, carefully presented, and with unique ingredients from the region. It is inspired in Africa but tailored to the preferences of the market that it serves. Some items are more authentic than others, offering the opportunity to visit South Africa or observe it from afar. Allow yourself to be welcomed into someone's home, wash your hands and your worries away with the hot towels offered before service, and enjoy the opportunity to taste a piece of Africa.


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