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Free Your Potential: Stress Less Accomplish More

Who is it for? Anyone who is overwhelmed and looking for a 'hack' to supercharge their bodies, providing much-needed rest to them.

What makes it special? Emily Fletcher's book is accessible and easy to read; her technique is simple, yet practical and concise. It is the perfect intro for anyone looking to become a more present and mindful individual.

Let's make some unnecessary labels: Self-growth, Meditation, Wellness.

The health and wellness movement can now add a new branch to their family as mental wellness becomes a necessity of today's environment.

Emily Fletcher's book is concise, simple to read, and very accessible to almost any level. Emily's three M's (the medicine she is selling) consists of a mental wellness practice divided into three different sections: mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

The concept and package are simple, barely scraping the surface of what has now become a vast landscape of literature and techniques available. It is perhaps in its simplicity that the book shines, as it offers readers an introduction, an easy to digest and achieve practice that can change their lives.

She advertises this in her own words; she is unabashedly a saleswoman, which makes the authority of the book diminished. That is until the reader practices Emily's technique (Z Technique) and experience in her/his reality what the author has been trying to 'sell' for the vast majority of the book before giving her gift in a quick and concise chapter of instruction.

Emily succeeds in making a relatable, accessible book for anyone that is feeling overwhelmed through the constant siege of their environment. It allows the body much-needed rest, and it offers a quick technique (manifestation) for more assertive and intentional behavior.


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