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Dreamers dream

Of sunsets and songs not yet sung

In their minds, their hearts’ desires

From their hearts, the seeds of life

Faithful lovers, bound to truth

For neither their eyes or will, can ever waver

Not from their hearts or in their mind

Dreamers dream

They sing, they talk, they wonder

About the world, and where they’re from

For dreamers dream, of lands remembered

In their hearts, not in their minds

The journey is long, yet has been travelled

Dreamers don’t dream, only remember

Their past, their present, their future

For dreamers know about the ethereal

What binds us all, what we call soul

If their hearts saw, and once remembered

That dreamers know what others don’t

Let’s wake up and become dreamers

Worship the sun, and pray for sunrise

For we know, that it is only a dream


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